Project 2 in the pipelines - Full suspension XC 26er/650b frame

I like my hardtail as it is extremely fast, nimble and excellent for xco length races, but it can be a little harsh on longer rides. With aspirations of competing in longer events and one day riding the BC Bike Race (and other multi day stage races), I have decided to attempt to build a full suspension frame...

To begin with I have started researching the existing options available on the market and their respective suspension geometries - the two main bikes I looked at were the Scott Spark and Rocky Mountain Element, both of these are 29ers (apart from the spark with which they now make a 650b version too), but the basic kinematics and linkage design will be the same no matter the wheel size.

The Element RSL- the main inspiration for my bike 
I was advised to use the Linkage X3 software - and it turns out it's brilliant, it has allowed me to to design the exact pivot locations and how it affects the bikes handling. I have decided on a faux bar suspension linkage design (called 4 bar in Linkage X3 for some reason?), as it allows me to create a rigid swingarm and a lightweight arm to actuate the shock. I plan on 100mm travel, and using 26 inch wheels initially, but designing the frame with slightly variable geometry so I can put 650b later on.

The design of the geometry as of today.

I have got hold of a Pinnacle Arrow frame to use as a donor bike  - I'm yet to see it in person, but I hope to be able to use the dropouts and the bottom bracket shell. I will also look at the quality and shape of the carbon seatstay and see if it's worth using my frame. I may also use the headtube depending on whether it's moddable to a tapered design

A Pinnacle arrow - seems a shame to cut up such a nice bike - but it was cheap, and fits what I need!

I'll post the next update when I begin the making!

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