Full Suspension Frame - Part 9 - starting to look like a bike!

The linkage is now attached and swinging freely (in the direction it's meant to!), this has allowed me to check the shock for fit and attach the shock mount to the frame. 

The mount for the linkage isn't particularly neat at the moment, but I will clean it up once I have tested that it is working well, as there is no point polishing it up incase I have to redo it. 

Here I have put the frame on it side to judge the angle for the mount, it will need to take a huge amount of force (about 2.5 times the force at the wheel) so this will have to be one of the strongest areas of the bike.

I intend to build this area up into a wedge shape to distribute the load along the top tube, but initially I have just used a small amount of resin to tack it in place.

The progress on the swingarm has been slightly slower than expected, this is mainly due to having to get the alignment right or the bike will track to one side. I also need it to be extremely stiff so I have been trying to get the layup as smooth as possible.

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