Full Suspension Frame - Part 12 - measure twice, cut once.....

One update for two days work due to not getting much done (the F1 was on this weekend!) and having to go back a few steps due to a pretty major measurement mistake. 

 I put a set of wheels in the swingarm frame to test for fit as alignment and it was immediately apparent I had made an error due to having chainstays in the area of 465mm it was also obvious due to the gap between the rear wheel and the seattube.

After a bit of thinking I worked out what I had done to add 35mm to the chainstay length, firstly when making the parks of the swingarm I had used an old CAD drawing which used a pivot mount forward of the bb which accounted for about 30mm of the increase, secondly I had put the pivot 5mm further back than designed.

because of this I decided to cut and remove the metal inserts, which was a lot harder than I thought it would be, and then redesign it about 30mm shorter, I have also moved the pivot inboard by about 5mm, rebuilding that area for the 3rd time! 

 The new improved swingarm will use pretty much the same design, but with a smaller shelf between the tyre and the bb to cut some length out of it.

I also continued work on the seat stays, where I have now bonded the lower end onto them ready to be finished when the swingarm and main pivot are set completely and I can jig them up in the frame.

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