Full Suspension Frame - Part 6 - Making the linkage and adding even more layers

The linkage I'm going to use is made out of 8*25mm aluminium, I have drilled 10mm holes in each side to remove a bit of excess weight, and I have a 5*20mm version I will try to see if I notice any difference in stiffness/strength - as that would be about 50g lighter. I intend to round the corners off and smooth the edges in the final version, but these are just the functional prototypes.

The bolts I'll be using to assemble this will be M6 stainless steel (cut to size), with nyloc nuts for extra security, I hope these will be strong enough, but I have left the scope to change to M8 if needed.

The dropouts I'll be using are off of the donor frame, they are the right shape for me to slightly enlarge the seatstay mounting holes to put the pivots in their place.

The metal inserts I'm using are 10mm steel tube for the internal sections of the pivots, 8*25mm aluminium bar for the swingarm/main pivot area and linkage, 5*20mm bar for the inserts in the shock mount, 14mm internal diameter aluminium tube for the linkage pivot and 22mm internal diameter tube for the main pivot.

Here is the next layer of tape and carbon, I have now got all the layers I intend to use on the headtube (8) and one short on both the Bottom bracket (7), and seatpost (3/4) - these will get added when I add both the suspension mounts. 

To remove excess resin I have pierced holes every 10-15mm, this should hopefully make a lighter stronger layup, and therefore frame.

Sadly these will probably be the last updates till late march as I'm now back at uni. 

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