Full Suspension Frame - Part 8 - Back a few steps

Today I have had to remove the main bearing mount due to having to make it about 3mm narrower due to clearance issues between the swingarm and the front mech/chainrings, I have also had to remove quite a bit of material from the non drive side to do this. Doing this was a bit of a last resort but will be necessary if I want to be able to run a double or triple chainring setup.

I have made a small amount of progress on the swingarm, I have now done the first layer of carbon around this end (with a thin layer of fibreglass to stop corrosion), so it will be ready to be attached to the chainstays by tomorrow. 

The rear shock I am going to be using initially arrived in the post today, along with a linkage from a Yeti ASR-sl, using a premade linkage will be stronger and lighter than making one myself, due to not having easy access to a milling machine, but in the future I hope to make one myself out of carbon.

Tomorrow I hope to make progress on the swingarm and hopefully the start the shock mount too.

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