Full Suspension Frame - Part 3 - Building begins

As I have a couple of days off after my January exams, I decided I would come home to get started on the build. I ordered a piece of blue modeling foam 200x500x600mm as it was cheaper than a piece 70mm thick, and would leave me with plenty spare. So after about 20 minutes of cutting with the longest saw in the garage I finally had a piece 70mm thick as required.

This is the 1:1 scale template I will use to make the jig and cut the foam is now complete. I have opted to use a straight top tube and a tapered down tube, it will remain 65mm wide throughout it's length, but it will taper from 70mm at the top down to 50mm at the bottom bracket.

The tape I will be using to compress the carbon will be this green 30mm wide electrical tape, I have 240m which should hopefully be enough. I am using green as I found the black tape I used on the hardtail was hard to remove completely as it blended in with the carbon fibre when set.

The bottom bracket shell off the donor bike cleaned up pretty nicely, and comes in at 57g, which compared to the 97g bb shell  I used on my hardtail project is quite impressive.

For the headtube I have decided bond headset cups into a carbon tube, rather than to use a donor headtube, I'm using a superstar tapered headset as it has quite large flanges on the upper cup, and 25mm flanges for the lower cup, so a decent bond will be possible, this method should be about 75g lighter and no less durable.

For the seattube I have used a slightly cracked Boardman seatpost wrapped with a thin layer of tape as a mold, this is is the same method as I used on the hardtail.  

Here are all the pieces previously described now wrapped in carbon fibre and the green electrical tape - I will try to update asap with how they have come out.  

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