Full Suspension Frame - Part 4 - The Jig, The core and putting it together!

Today's building went well, I have been able to build the jig, make the foam core for the front triangle and assemble the BB shell, seattube and headtube into the frame with the first layers of carbon, below are the 3 pieces i left to set last night, all came out well, and the seatpost wasn't too hard to remove from the seatpost.

Here are the same parts in the positions they will be on the frame with the paper template ans the foam I made the core out of.

 The production stages of the foam core...

The jig is made up of a sheet of MDF which I have supported the components on- I have made the center line of the frame 15cm out from the MDF so I can reach behind it when laminating the carbon fibre.

 here I have placed the foam core in place ready to add the first layer of carbon to hold it all together.

And voila! the carbon will be left overnight to set and I will add some photos in the next update with how it has turned out, hopefully with the next pieces of the build too!.

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