Full Suspension Frame - Part 5 - Adding the main pivot and a few more layers.

Today's building has gone well, the work I did yesterday has set nicely and the frame was able to be removed from the jig to check the alignment.

 The headtube is shown here - it is currently just held on with only 2 layers of carbon, but that is plenty to be able to remove from the jig.

I added a jig mount for the main pivot point, it will be he in with about 5 layers of carbon as the majority of the force will be going through it.

Due to a request I have taken a few photos of the carbon lay up process - I wet the carbon cloth out on a flat sheet of wood using a foam squeegee to remove excess resin so to get the amount of resin for the best strength. I then lay the wetted cloth in position, and press it in place by hand.

All today's work is now taped up so will be setting over night, I have now got a total of 6 layers on the headtube, 3 on the seattube and 3 on the bottom bracket - will update soon with any progress!

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