Full Suspension Frame - Part 10 - swingarm nearly done!

The majority of the work I did today was on the swingarm, although I did  build up a few layers around the shock mount too.

AS can be seen I have added a few layers of carbon to add strength to the shock mount, I have also used a small wedge of foam to smooth out the curve from the mount to the top tube. 

The rear swingarm is coming along nicely, as a few of you may have noticed, I have used the carbon seatstays from the donor frame as part of the swingarm, I have also made it asymetric, by having a taller stay on the non drive side, for added strength where there is no chain to interfere with it.

I have also added about 5 layers onto it so by tomorrow it should be nearly complete!

These are the aluminium inserts/pivots for the seatstays, I will bond them into the lower ends of the stays, I have had to recess the bolts so they don't foul on the brake rotor.

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