Full Suspension Frame - Part 11 - nearly done!

It's starting to feel like it's nearly done now, the swing arm is 95% complete, just need as quick sand down, the front triangle will be done by tomorrow and I'm making progress on the seatstays! 

As can be seen in the above photo, the swingarm is pretty much done, I'm going to neaten up the edges of the carbon on the aluminium, and sand down a few rough areas but then it's done!

 I also weighed each section of the frame, and I'm quite happy with the weight of the front triangle at 1090g, which is 10g less than target.  I'm quite disappointed with the weight of the swingarm , which weighs in at 740g - 290g over target! Because of this I may make a second lighter, full carbon swingarm should I have carbon and resin left over.

I placed it on situe with the rear triangle, by having the extremely low top tube I have slightly compromised the space for bottles, but with the right placement of the cage I will be able to fit a 750ml easily. 

The pivots I showed in the last update, but now in place on the bike, I will bond these into the ends of the tubes shown being made below.

For the seatstays I have made foam cylinders of about 12mm diameter, which I have then wrapped carbon tow around, I have aligned the majority of the fibres parallel with the length at this will need to be the direction of the strength.

AS per normal I have wrapped them in electrical tape to compress. 

I have also reattached the main pivot sleeve which I had to remove earlier, I also filled the hole in the side with foam so I could rebuild that area with carbon 

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