Full Suspension Frame - Part 15 - It's done!!! (almost)

After nearly 3 weeks of building the frame is now functionally finished! I have taken it for a quick spin and it feels nice and stiff, with only a few minimal cracking sounds- I know from doing the hardtail to expect a few creaks/crack sounds for the first ride or so - but after that I hope it will be as silent as the hardtail is now.

I'm happy with the final look of the frame, although I need to do quite a bit of work on the finish quality on places. I'm still waiting on cables and hoses but from riding is ss with just the front brake I can tell it rides reasonably nicely, I set the pressure in the shock quite low and was able to bottom it out without any parts of the frame fouling on each other or the tyre.

The mod to shorten the chainstay/swingarm has also raised it by about 5-6mm, which also means that it is quite close to the chain, with a clutch mech and a chainstay protector it shouldn't be to much a problem, although on the V2 I will drop it by about 6mm..

The rear pivot and dropouts area need cleaning up and possibly painting, but nothing structural need to be done. 

The front mech looks pretty good, but I think direct mount mechs always look worse than band on types - but I would have had to compromise the strength of the frame to fit one.

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