Full Suspension Frame - Part 14 - final weights and a small clearance issue

With all the parts a nearly done, I decided to weigh them before assembly, to see how close to target weight I am. 

I weighed the front triangle with a BB in place so the actual weight is 1186g - which is 86g heavier than my target of 1100g so I'm reasonably happy with this. 

The swingarm ended up weighing in at 667g (pre discovering problem below) which is a 217g heavier than targeted, and will be the next area of development as I intend on remaking it in full carbon to hopefully get it down to about 450g.

The seatstay piece is 239g which is 61g lighter than I had targeted (300g). I'm happy with this, but it does leave room to beef it up if I feel it needs it after testing it.

I assembled the frame and it weighs in at 2580g (including shock and all hardware) this is heavier than targeted but for a first prototype I'm not too displeased and I know where I can reasonably easily shed 200g

I started to test components for fit and I came across a pretty major issue - the cranks didn't fit! - Where I had shortened the swingarm I had forgotten to recheck if the was enough room for chainrings, I have removed about 10mm of material off  the outside of the arm and built up the inner side so not to lose any strength, when I make the v2 swingarm I will make sure I remember to check for clearances before fitting it! 

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